model rendering

Product imaging/3D model/Animation


Val Valgardson spent 10 years as a university Professor teaching 3D digital classes, sculpture and drawing, as well as creating and team teaching a robotics class. With 18 years running his own company in the 3D digital world Val has useful experience in everything from hard surface modeling lowpoly sub D modeling, lighting and rendering.
For 12 years Val has worked for major brands creating and rendering CPG images.

We specialize in high-quality, photo-realistic 3D product renderings and animations.
We offer the latest in 3D digital visualization technology to create a set of products that helps clarify ideas to clients and customers. Images sell ideas.
At Suburban Artworks we understand that you need to show your ideas in the best light. Your idea needs to be presented in the clearest most visually appealing way.
Why not rely on the latest technology for communicating that new and innovative idea?