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Product imaging/3D model/Animation


Welcome to Suburban Artworks.

We are committed to helping companies achieve the growth and success they’ve been looking for through providing not only the documents needed but education on how to use the specific software source documents.

prototype of solid surface model

Model Making

Standard model formats.

virtual prototype of a can of cat food

Product imaging

CPG images.

rendering of a beer bottle with a black background

Studio Shots

Beautiful images for a host of applications.

Val Valgardson spent 10 years as a university Professor teaching 3D digital classes, sculpture and drawing, as well as creating and team teaching a robotics class. With 18 years running his own company in the 3D digital world Val has useful experience in everything from hard surface modeling lowpoly sub D modeling, lighting and rendering.
For 12 years Val has worked for major brands creating and rendering CPG images.

model rendering

We can aid in all phases of your project. If there is an aspect that you are unsure of but would like to explore we can advise in that area. Whether you are large company or an individual we make sure your goals are met.
• Create 3d models
• convert cad data
• photo realistic rendering
• create digital assets
• CGI products
• set up file templates
• education in software and file usage